BS Mass Communication (Hons)

Program Introduction

Nobody can deny the importance of mass media in today’s world. Although journalism was given the status of fourth estate much earlier, yet in present times due to fast development of technology and vibrant media, this pillar of state has overshadowed other three pillars. Resultantly, there are grave responsibilities on media organizations and media personnel. Moreover, due to the increasing influence of print, electronic and social media, not only the complexion of journalism has changed but also the role of a journalist is redefined. Now, expectations from professional journalists are manifold due to the increasing participation of citizen journalists and therefore, a journalist should now have knowledge of all modern tools of mass media and practical capabilities in order to survive in media industry of this era. Presently, a journalist is called media person which means he/ she should be simultaneously a reporter, sub-editor, cameraman, producer, capable media planner and also have aptitude to dig out investigative stories. Those who are seeking professional education in this field should continue their study along these lines.

May Allah be our Benefactor.

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4 Years

Matriculation and A-Levels / FSc / ICS or equivalent with minimum 50% marks