BS Economics (Hons)

Program Introduction

The Department of Economics at Govt. M.A.O College, Lahore, aims to enable the students to think logically and improve their ability to use different economic concepts. It offers courses ranging from BS to Master levels preparing the students to contribute in formulation of the country's future economic policies. The program of study imparts knowledge of basic economic concepts, theories and models as well as their practical applications in various sectors of economic importance. It develops the understanding among students about political, economic, and social factors that influence our daily lives. It also helps to explore how and why key policy decisions are made and what could be their subsequent impact. The department is very well aware of the growing demand for specialists in finance and economics disciplines in the globalized world. Therefore, it focuses on producing graduates who fit well in the dynamic market demand ranging from policy making authorities, central and commercial banks, national organizations and brokerage houses.

Program Details


Entry Requirements:

Total Fee:

Annual Fee:

Examination Fee per Semester:

Computer Fee per Semester:

4 Years

Matriculation and A-Levels / FSc / ICS or equivalent with minimum 50% marks