Department of Physics

Physics is about unraveling the complexity of the universe to discover how and why it works. Discoveries in physics form the foundation of countless technological advances and play an important role in many scientific areas. The contributions of physics to solving global problems such as energy production, environmental protection, global warming and public health are essential and have an enormous impact on our society.

The Physics Department was established in the College from the date of establishment of the college in Amritsar (now in India) and Dr. Abdul Bashir Paul, a renowned Physicist, was the first H.O.D.

This college was shifted to Lahore in the existing building from Amritsar in 1947 after partition. The first H.O.D. was Ahmad Hassan Taj (from 1947 to 1972] Prof. Syed Wazir Haider Kazami remained H.O.D. from 1972 to 1998. Prof. Khawaja Abdul Rauf, Prof. Naeem Anwar 2004, Prof. Muhammad Ijtaba (Aug.2004 to Dec.2005) Prof. Zahida Kausar (Dec.2005 to July 2011) Prof. Akbar Ali Shah (2011 to 2012). Prof. Zaheer Ahmed (2012 to 2013).

Faculty of Physics Department

Photo Name Qualification Designation Email
Not Available Mr. Nasir Ullah M.Sc (P.U) Head of Department/Associate Professor
Not Available Dr. Aaliya Rehman Khan Ph.D (Australia) Professor
Not Available Mr. Ahmad Ali M.Sc (P.U) Associate Professor
Not Available Ms. Fauzia Jabeen M.Sc (P.U) Associate Professor
Not Available Dr.Farrukh Shahzad Ph.D (P.U) Associate Professor
Not Available Mr. Basit Ali M.Phil (PU) Assistant Professor
Not Available Dr. M. Musharaf Ansari Ph.D (P.U) Assistant Professor
Not Available Mr. Faisal Wasim M.Phil (PU) Assistant Professor
Not Available Mr. Mohsin Jamil M.Phil (PU) Assistant Professor
Not Available Mr. Fahad Shahzad M.Phil (PU) Lecturer
Not Available Mr. Shahid Iqbal M.Sc (P.U) Lecturer
Not Available Mr. Waseem Gill M.Sc (P.U) Lecturer